Oxygen Concentrator 5L

The John Bunn is a 5 LPM  home oxygen concentrator is engineered for reliability and durability. This Oxygen Concentrator is backed up by a 6 Year, unlimited hour compressor warranty. There are safety features including: Low and High Pressure Alarms, Power Loss Alarm, and Pressure Relief Valve. The John Bunn Oxygen Machine has a durable plastic outer shell with a convenient top handle for better portability. This Oxygen Concentrator is very easy to use, it has a easy-to-read display screen and controls, dual cooling fans quietly and efficiently reduce heat build-up inside the compressor. There is a great extended life of the compressor and sieve beds.


$2,995.00 $1,495.00



About The John Bunn Oxygen Concentrator

The John Bunn Oxygen Concentrator Provides consistently high oxygen levels at all flow rates, has a Compressor Warranty of 6 Years Limited, and other components for 5 Years Limited. The John Bunn Oxygen Concentrator has a 2-valve system.

Sieve bed Inlet: Two Electromagnetic valves control inlet flow of compressed air to Sieve Beds. Electromagnetic valves last longer because they are much less subject to particulates than rotary valves.

Sieve Bed Outlet: Restricted orifice controls flow.

The John Bunn Home Oxygen Machine Compressor System:

Cooling Fans:

Dual cooling fans blowing directly on compressor maintain less than a 10 degree temperature differential between compressor outlet and inlet. This results in:

– Longer Sieve Bed Life

– Less Chance of Condensation in Patient Tubing

– Less Chance of Condensation in Sieve Beds

– Lowest Temperature Gradient in Industry

Hush House:

This Oxygen Concentrator has insulated housing providing quieter operation and helps cool the Oxygen Concentrator.


The John Bunn Home Oxygen Machine is designed to angle exhaust from the oxygen concentrator between 30 and 90 degrees, rather than straight out of the bottom of the Home Oxygen Concentrator. This reduces the resistance created by the floor and helps the oxygen machine run cooler.

John Bunn Home Oxygen Machine Specifications:

 Weight: 57lbs 
 Dimensions: 27″ H x 18″ W x 15″ D
 Sound Level: 55 dBA 
 Electrical: 120 VAC, 60 Hz, 4.0 amps 
 Maximum Output Pressure: 6.5 PSI 
 Average Power Consumption: 400 Watts 
 Oxygen Concentration: 1 – 4 LPM > 94% +/- 2%
5 LPM > 88% +/- 2% 
 Warranty: 6 Years Limited on Compressor
5 Years Limited on Other Components