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Arrow Respiratory Care in Rancho Cucamonga is proud to bring you the finest of CPAP devices & supplies available today.  From the brand new Z1 by Human Design Medical to the industry standard devices from Resmed, Devilbiss and Respironics.  We want to set you up with the right machine that suits you best.  Give us a call at 909-987-1661.


Human Design Medical Travel CPAP



The Z1 AUTO CPAP $875

The Z1 Auto is an auto-cpap machine that actually adapts to your breathing requirements thousands of times per night. By reacting to your requirements- rather than just delivering one constant pressure- the Z1 Auto delivers therapy at lower overall pressures and delivers a better, more natural breathing experience.
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The Z1  CPAP $595

The Z1 cpap machine only makes 26 dBA of sound during operation. By cpap industry standards that is considered to be exceptionally quiet. In fact, the Z1™ is one of the quietest travel machines on the market.
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The Z1 PowerShell $495

The PowerShell is the first fully integrated power solution for cpap users that need a totally portable, integrated power source.  Insert the battery module and the Z1 to created an integrated form-factor.  Approved by the FAA for in-flight use.  A full night of batter power for most users.  Get an undisturbed night of cpap.

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Resmed Home Products

ResMed AirSense 10

The AirSense 10 Auto CPAP $883

The AirSense™ 10 AutoSet CPAP Machine with HumidAir™ Heated Humidifier builds on the reliable and advanced features of the S9 line of machines by ResMed adding a built in HumidAir™ humidifier in a sleek design that is 23% lighter. Shop Now!

ResMed AirSense 10 

The AirSense 10 CPAP $808

The AirSense™ 10 CPAP Machine with HumidAir™ Heated Humidifierby ResMed builds upon previous successes and adds innovative new features sure to impress. The heated humidifier is built in making it 23% lighter than former models and features increased levels of custom humidification. Shop Now!

Devilbiss IntelliPap Series


Devilbiss IntelliPap Auto Adjust  $545

The Devilbiss IntelliPAP has been designed with patients and providers in mind, incorporating many of the recommendations solicited through research to optimize patient adherence. IntelliPAP’s combination of comfort, education and AutoAdjust technology helps to ensure patient compliance – all in a highly efficient platform that makes great business sense to you. Shop now!


Devilbiss IntelliPap Plus with Smart Flex  $470

The DeVillbis® IntelliPAP Standard CPAP Plus with SmartFlex and Heated Humidifier is a perfect CPAP machine for travel or everyday home use. The Standard Plus includes full compliance download data; great for CPAP users that need to show therapy adherence. Shop now!

3B’s Resmart Series

3B Resmart Auto Adjust  $350

The RESmart™ Auto CPAP Machine with RESlex with Heated Humidifier offers advanced features for therapy comfort and success. RESlex™ Exhalation Relief makes breathing out against the air flow easier while the Auto-Adjusting technology provides optimum therapy pressure on a breath by breath basis. Advanced data is available on the screen each morning or access the data remotely using iCode. The integrated Heated Humidifier is included to maximize therapy comfort.

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3B Resmart Standard CPAP  $295

Offering advanced features, the RESmart™ CPAP Machine with RESlex with Heated Humidifier is a cost effective option for treating Sleep Apnea. Increasing therapy comfort, RESlex™ Exhalation Relief eases the exhalation process making it easier to breathe out against the air flow. Access advanced data remotely with the built in iCode™ function and view the data from the last session of use on the screen. Included in this bundle is the integrated Heated Humidifier to further enhance therapy comfort.

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